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OPEN MIC VIENNA 2.0 - Did you realize all the things?@The Loft

OPEN MIC VIENNA 2.0 - Did you realize all the things?

Mi., 04. Jän. 2017 19:30 @ The Loft , Wien

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OPEN MIC VIENNA 2.0 - Did you realize all the things?

Year of realizing things is over, everybody! Finally!
Share your revelations at the January OPEN MIC VIENNA 2.0.


Fritz P Gearhart

Open Mic Vienna 2.0 takes place every first Wednesday of the month at the Loft Vienna, except for July and August.
We use a classic Open Mic sign up system.
First come first serve.

Sign up SAME NIGHT IN PERSON ONLY at the Loft Vienna from 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm. Performances start at around 8.00 pm.

We cannot offer any instruments or props so bring your own or borrow from a friend. Remember, not everybody there is your friend, but might be in the future.

Everybody’s welcome! We want to reach the highest level of variety and diversity possible. It’s like THE INTERNET but without the youtube comments. Share whatever musical or performative creation you wanna share in front of an audience. Music, Stand-up, Poetry, Readings, Performance Art, Rap, Beatbox, Dance, Drama, what have you. Do whatever the f*** you want and come get your 10 minutes of fame. We wanna built a platform that helps people like YOU (yeah, you!) express themselves in a non-judgemental and supportive environment, no matter what kind of creative stuff you wanna share! Don't talk about your creative start-up though, unless you're a solid stand-up comedian. Thanks!
Avadgardish, punkish, weird, underground, queer stuff more than welcome.

You got 10 minutes of stage time, if you play songs it’s 2 songs no longer than 10 Minutes in total. Please respect stage time since we have a pretty crowded sign up list and the evening has to end at 11.00 pm.

If 10 minutes of stage time is not enough for you or your act you can try to get a special spot as "The Wildcard Act”, that gives you a total of 20 minutes of stage time and a chance to promote your project in more depth. Send your material to openmicvienna@gmail.com. You will be notified in case I am interested in booking your act. Material sent via facebook will NOT be considered.

Note: Musical Wildcard Acts have to be highly flexible, unfortunately we cannot promote bands with full drum sets and more than 3 plugs into our system. Please don’t bring more than one amp. Stage space is limited, volume is limited. If you have technical questions, don't hesitate to ask. We have plugs and mics and all that basic stuff, we have a sound guy around who's professionally handling the shit out of this night.

This whole thing is promoted in English, not because we refuse to honour the Austrian language. No, all we wanna do is give everybody a chance to understand this and stay as international as possible. Like Vodka, we wanna connect people.

follow Open Mic Vienna on insta: instagram.com/openmicvienna
also check out openmicvienna.tumblr.com

Cool, see you later!
You're a star!

yours, steffko

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