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Naxatras at Viperroom Vienna@Viper Room

Naxatras at Viperroom Vienna

Do., 28. Sep. 2017 07:00 @ Viper Room , Wien - Landstrasse

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Mushcream Booking proudly presents:

If you hate the feeling of summervibes coming to an end - don't worry! Naxatras are extending this year’s summer long enough to get you going!

The 3-piece from Greece is coming back to the Viperroom Vienna and shaking the foundation of our favourite basement with their unique and heavy sound.

With 2 full length albums and 1 EP in their luggage, it will surely be a psychedelic/jazzy/funky/progressive/unearthly trip not to be missed!

Support: TBA

Presale tickets available soon at Wienextra and Ntry!

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