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Maturaball - Skyfall 007@Kimm Kulturzentrum

Maturaball - Skyfall 007

Sa., 28. Okt. 2017 07:00 @ Kimm Kulturzentrum , Meran


We, the students of the 5th class of “Marcelline lyceum” are proud to announce you the first Prom of our school’s history. Since it’s the first time we are organizing something this big, we worked very hard to create a unique and unforgettable night that we want to share with you.

When: - Saturday 28. October 2017 from 22.00-03.00
Where: - Kimm Kulturzentrum in Meran; you can get there with a special bus that we organize from Bolzano to Merano
Djs: - Kevin Brook and NDPC
Price of Tickets: - Entry: -15€
Entry with bus ticket from Bolzano to Merano and back: -25€
Dinner: -40€
Stay tuned!!

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