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Hugo Race Fatalists@Chelsea Musicplace

Hugo Race Fatalists

Fr., 07. Jul. 2017 21:00 @ Chelsea Musicplace , Wien - Josefstadt

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HUGO RACE spielte als eines der Gründungsmitglieder bei Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Gitarre und spielte in den 80ern bei The Wreckery. Heute ist er ein internationaler Produzent, Songschreiber und Gitarrist bei Bands wie Hugo Race and The True Spirit und Dirtmusic. Das aktuelle Album "24 Hours to Nowhere" von Hugo Race Fatalists erschien vor einem Jahr.

“24 Hours to Nowhere is perhaps the most personal album I’ve ever written. These songs come directly from the heart, created to be sung and played using only a steelstring guitar, a very traditional, almost folk-music-like approach I’ve developed through the hundreds of concerts I’ve played worldwide as a solo performer. Singing alone to an audience inspires a sense of intimacy, drawing them into my secret emotional world, seeking to touch their souls with tales of the grandeur of life, and the terror too. The 24 Hours to Nowhere songs are of this kind, speaking of life, love, death and the mystical beyond that commands our greatest hopes and fears.” (Hugo Race, Melbourne, March 2016)


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