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FM4 Indiekiste mit Brodka // Chelsea@Chelsea Musicplace

FM4 Indiekiste mit Brodka // Chelsea

Fr., 02. Dez. 2016 20:30 @ Chelsea Musicplace , Wien - Josefstadt

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FM4 Indiekiste mit Brodka


An artists you just can’t pigeonhole. One of very few musicians whose career started on a TV show and did not end straight after the show’s last episode. She has matured as a singer and has conquered Polish music industry, also succeeding abroad.

Brodka’s latest effort, “Clashes”, was released in Europe in May 2016. “Horses” and “Santa Muerte” were chosen as singles. The album was produced in Los Angeles by an American producer Noah Georgeson. “Clashes” is based on contrasts. Metaphysics is intertwined with sensuality, gloomy church organ with dynamic punk rock, lyrics about passion, love and Madness are mixed with those about an alluring abyss of death. “Clashes” is like a puzzle – full of surprises when the first elements begin to fit together and full of delight when they finally make a whole and we can see the entire picture at once. - soundedit.pl


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