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FEMME DMC X Paigey Cakey@Fluc / Fluc Wanne

FEMME DMC X Paigey Cakey

Fr., 15. Dez. 2017 07:00 @ Fluc / Fluc Wanne , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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international allfemale HipHop Show including all 4 elements (Graffiti, Rap, Djing, Breakdancing) and Visuals. It will be the first time to have our show at fluc Wanne (downstairs) and also the last show for 2017 which is why we have planned something really special for you!
We are proud to announce different local and international artists, there will be a queer performance by Pedra Costa, an exhibition of queer art by Susie Flowers and different performances in the 4 elements which are tba. But we can already proudly announce our special guest Paigey Cakey <3

Femme DMC
is a Vienna-based label, striving to establish a worldwide female Hip Hop scene. Ever since our founding in 2015 we’ve created a platform which assures a safe space for growth and progress to female artists. A „safe space“ to us is a place without racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination. The main purpose at Femme DMC is making individual expression and growth possible through teamwork and unity. Femme DMC is therefore a house being build by all members – the four pilars of Hip Hop serve as the main foundation of this building. That’s why our focus lies primarily on Rap (MCing), DJing, Dance and Graffiti – whereby our visual concept as well features live video projections (VJanes).
We basically want to halt and break the stagnation in the currently male dominated Hip Hop Scene to create an equilibrium and to set an example for strength and diversity. Femme DMC is set out to be the source of an energy flow that stands mainly for progress. The Live shows take place every two months, with Femme DMDance (DJ’s & Dancers) proceeding every two weeks. We’re also booking artists from other countries to further the international network just as we want to support locals empowering the teamspirit.
Femme DMC does not rely on a specific target group or audience, instead we strive to get to as many people as possible. With a feature through Femme DMC every „heroine“ also gets an exclusive Video-Interview which will be screened before the artists performance. Hereby we wish to help establish a deeper artist to audience connection, furthermore it is also our goal to document all of our steps and help write the „Herstory“ – the modern history of female artists in Hip Hop through Media Presence.

Paigey Cakey
Releasing banger after banger and playing shows all over Europe, Paigey Cakey is one of the freshest faces of UK's Rap & Grime scene. She's been working with artists like Lady Leshurr and Stormzy and we're stoked to have her at our FEMME DMC show.

check her out on facebook and youtube:



Pêdra Costa
Pêdra Costa is a Brazilian Performance Artist and Anthropologist. S/he is currently doing a Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and working with queer migrant artists internationally. Her work is informed by the aesthetics of post-porn and an investigation about decolonial concepts.
Pêdra Costa ist ein/e brasilanische Performance-Künstler/in und Anthropolg/in. Er/sie arbeitet gegenwärtig an seinem/ihrem Diplom an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wiens. Er/sie arbeitet mit queeren migrantischen Künstler_innen, Post-Porno und dekolonialer Praxis.

Solange, tô aberta! (Solange, I'm open!) is a project by Pêdra Costa in the format of a show, in the style of Brazilian Funk (originally from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) that blends queer, punk, drag and post-porn, mixed with Hardcore, Technobrega and Kuduro. It uses brazilian funk as a tool of political resistance. Distorting its initial form, it promotes a true explosion of cathartic dance and politics. It speaks of those bodies that want openness and space to exist, staging the unclassifiable and questioning sexuality, gender, identity and stereotypes.


- https://soundcloud.com/solangetoaberta

- http://cargocollective.com/pedra

Samira Dezaki:
No matter how cloudy last night's memory gets the next day, you'll remember Samira Dezaki.
The next-generation turnup rapper accurately describes her performance in her lyric "'In my shows you get hyped - It's less clothes, and more rhymes".
Having released two mixtapes and five music videos so far, she's well on her way to establishing herself.
She brings well-thought out killer flows and complex rhymes - with aggressive delivery and on banger beats.
As if that wasn't enough, she's also an exotic pole dancer. You'll notice. Lowkey.

See for yourself.


A to the Whaaat (Attw) ist eine Crew, bestehend aus 7 Tänzerinnen aus Wien. Gegründet wurde die Crew im Jahr 2013. Zusammen haben wir schon bei diversen Staatsmeisterschaften EM und WM teilgenommen. Ein kleiner Aufruf von uns an die Tanzszene "wir freuen uns über jegliche Zusammenarbeit mit den unterschiedlichsten Tänzern, also wenn ihr Bock habt einfach melden and come on and dance with us"

Kira Bo alias „Cera“ (=lateinisch „Wabe“) ist erst seit wenigen Wochen in der Graffiti Szene. In den vergangenen Jahren hat sie sich mit tätowieren und Acrylmalerei beschäftigt, alles autodidaktisch. Man sagte ihr, sie soll GROSS malen, durch eine glückliche Fügung des Schicksals und Menschen die sie unterstützen, kann sie das heute tun.

Guest Dj-ing :
Dalia Ahmed legt ab und zu beim Rhinoplasty auf, wo sie ganz viel Beyoncé spielt. Macht Dalia's Late Night Lemonade jeden Samstag auf radio FM4, wo sie ganz viel Beyoncé spielt und veranstalte die Katastrophe Partyreihe mit, wo (ihr habts erraten) genauso viel Beyoncé läuft. Anderes dröhnt dann aber auch durch die Boxen. Kein Sorge.

Tonica Hunter, 28, was born and raised in london whilst of jamaican heritage. tonica has been involved in various arts and culture projects in vienna spanning her own music collectives and events to outreach and community focussed initiatives. when she spins you can hear anything from grime to afrobeat to funky house to rnb and rap. she's played at vienna's soundframe to brooklyn's afropunk to wienerfestwochen. radio. https://soundcloud.com/tonica-hunter/sets/mixes

Antonia (Ashida Park, In Dada Social, Canyoudigit / VIE)
http://soundcloud.com/antoniaxm https://soundcloud.com/ashidapark
Born and based in Vienna, Antonia developed an interest in club culture at an early age. In 2015 after being a resident DJ at the well known Canyoudigit parties for two years, she co- founded her own collective called „In Dada Social“ focusing on contemporary and experimental club music. She threw parties with some of this scene’s global favourites including Murlo, Mobilegirl, Uniiqu3 and Florentino and played gigs at Elevate Festival in Graz, Razmatazz in Barcelona and Club Drugstore in Belgrade- to name a few. Her interest in music developed even further in 2016 and together with Amblio she launched the label Ashida Park. Its focus lies heavily on deconstructing current club & pop music, facilitating cooperations between open minded musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and DJs across the world and has already found recognition in Fact Magazine and on Resident Advisor. Antonia’s DJ-sets thoroughly represent a blend of ideas stemming from this heterogeneous hive.

aka VITAMIN Z aka BADMON ZZ aka Zxhrx Khxn formerly DJ FUN PARTY (R.I.P) is Zahra Khan - an Irish/Pakistani Artist & DJ based in Vienna.
She is the promoter of the Common Contact events & a founding member of the ‘I’ve Got My Period’ collective.
Musically her roots are deeply embedded in hip hop culture however over the years she has embraced current and emerging club genres whose evolution and movements she follows avidly on platforms such as soundcloud and on site where the actual action happens.
When she steps up you can expect boundary pushing, hip thrusting, smut spitting sounds aplenty.


VVK: 12 Euro - einfach E-Mail an femmedmc@gmail.com und dein Ticket gehört schon dir

AK: 15 Euro

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