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Electric Love Festival 2019 - Warm Up Party@Salzburgring

Electric Love Festival 2019 - Warm Up Party

Mi., 03. Jul. 2019 16:00 @ Salzburgring , Plainfeld

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► OPENING 2018: http://bit.ly/ELF18_Opening
► AFTERMOVIE 2018: http://bit.ly/ELF18_Aftermovie

Electric Love 2018 will be everything you love and even more! We will always stay true to our old roots at the beautiful Salzburgring with amazing Music, Acts and Stages. But this year we're stepping up the game once again! Get ready for some fresh fruits on our old dance music tree in Salzburg!

#FreshFruits new in 2019:

► 3 days of Techno on an all new stage: Honeycomb!
► 3 days of Hardcore & Uptempo on an all new Stage: The Shutdown Uptempo Cage!
► 2 days of Bass Music at the Club Circus stage! (FR & SAT)
► 3 days of fun and classics at the Rollerdisco featuring the best and worst sounds of the 90s!
► Many redesigned areas at the festival!

#OldRoots that will return just as awesome as always:

► The incredible scenery of the Austrian mountains!
► An amazing mainstage design to flash your senses!
► 2 days of Hardstyle at the Q-dance stage!
► 1 day of Freestyle with Pussy Lounge at Club Circus on Thursday!
► The 2 story alpine hut for the traditional flavour!
► A great variety of food and drinks all around the area!
► A 600 m2 supermarket for all your camping needs on both camping north and south campsites!
► And much much more!

Find all information on www.electriclove.at!

#ELF19 #FreshFruitsOldRoots


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