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Dolls of Pain, Ginger Snap5 & Gunmaker live in Vienna!@Viper Room

Dolls of Pain, Ginger Snap5 & Gunmaker live in Vienna!

Fr., 30. Sep. 2016 20:00 @ Viper Room , Wien - Landstrasse

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Concert nr.4 of #ElectriCentrope Autumn Tour 2016:

Live at 20:30h

DOLLS OF PAIN - Dark Electro Crossover, France
GINGER SNAP5 - Futurepop/Electro, Ukraine
Gunmaker - Synthpop, Hungary

Aftershowparty at 23:30h with
DJ Terrorissmo (Electronic Saviour)
DJane Damnatio (Dj Damnatio - In Sanguine Damnatio)

:::::::::::::::::: Tickets :::::::::::::::::

in advance: 13.-
at the venue: 15.-
Aftershowparty-only: 5.-

regular tickets can be ordered via ticketgarden.com: https://www.ticketgarden.com/tickets/dolls-of-pain-ginger-snap5-gunmaker-live/

--> Tour Ticket for all #ElectriCentrope concerts: 25.-
--> VIP Tour Ticket. 50.- incl. ElectriCentrope T-Shirt (girl or boy) or muscle shirt + 4 free drinks and backstage access at your desiredvenue!
--> order it via PN or on www.lunatic-eclipse.at <--

#DollsofPain - DoP is striking Dark Electro from France! With more than 10 years of stage experience all across Europe and 4 albums (the newest will be released this September!) the band of Olivier, C-Drik and Nicolas is one of highest rated Dark Electro acts giving 110% on every concert!

#GingerSnap5 - The remixing artists Oleksii & Romeo from the Ukraine register more than 50 remixes over the past decade for bands like Solitary Experiments, Mental Discipline, Pride and Fall, In Strict Confidence, WYNARDTAGE, C-lekktor, Stahlnebel & Black Selket,... In 2015 they were finally discovered by Depended Records after their first concert in western Europe - at Schattenwelt Festival in Vienna!

#Gunmaker - The Hungarian duo is mixing Synthpop, Futurepop and Electro elements for the well known Advoxya Records Label. Andrew "Gunhead" meanwhile can also look back on a long tradition of smaller and bigger live concerts all across Central Europe.

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