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Club Pompadour with Noidoi@Pratersauna

Club Pompadour with Noidoi

Fr., 09. Mär. 2012 23:00 @ Pratersauna , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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NOIDOI (oslo, sunrise - romania)
Thomas Grün & Philipp Blecha (club pompadour)

2nd floor - hosted by Elektro Jausn & Folk

Andre Klang b2b Jorge Tavarez
Robin Ma'ar (club pompadour)

NoiDoi, aka Robert & Nicu, are the latest super talents emerging from Romania intent on shaking up the house and techno scene with their unique 4/4 percussive grooves.

Hailing from the same city as Romania's most popular DJ, Raresh, Robert & Nicu both met whilst being keen followers of the flourishing music scene in their home country and the friendship hit off instantly after discovering they both shared the same passion for producing music. In May 2008 the project NoiDoi was started and from there releases on labels such as 'Material Series' and 'Great Stuff' and 'Fear of Flying' have followed in quick sucession.

With their music being well supported and championed by DJs such as Ricardo Villalobos, Arpiar (Raresh, Pedro, Rhadoo)Dorian Paic Federico Molinari Laurent Garnier, Anja Schneider,Tania Vulcano amongst many others, much more is expected from this young duo and a release on the highly regarded Barraca Music is also in the pipeline. Robert & Nicu have also been gaining a lot of positive reactions for their super lively duo DJ sets.