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Sa., 31. Mär. 2007 21:00 @ Badeschiff , Wien - Innere Stadt

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» Blockwerk (Vienna)
- Blockwerk is visionary, striving from the island of concealed concentration to the mountain of shared disclosure, thirsty for meaningfulness in music, individually seeking out new electronical paths through the same old jungle of timeless music. As we all know music is so much more than just a consumer good for shaking that booody. It is a door to another dimension of experience. Music is inspiration and might even show you the way to go, rrright? There are too many great styles and genres to get stuck wirh only one of them. That's why Blockwerk comes in different colours with lots of different ideas and in lots of different moods. Blockwerk is confident that the massive out there is ready for this kind of approach towards music so there is no reason for us to hold it back any longer.

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