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Black Attack with DJ FLO FLAME - Hip Hop & R'n'B!@K1 CLUB

Black Attack with DJ FLO FLAME - Hip Hop & R'n'B!

Sa., 06. Jän. 2018 07:00 @ K1 CLUB , Zell am See

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DJ Flo Flame!
Soundcloud - http://bit.ly/2wsuY90

Hip Hop, R'n'B, Funk, Old School, Dancehall, Dirty South, Urban Clubsound, House!

Florian Gellneck aka DJ Flo Flame came in contact with the DJ scene quite early. His uncle Tom Leeland opened a club located in Tegernsee (Bavaria/Germany) and often had famous DJs spinnin’ the decks there. 12 years old Flo was indeed too young to be an active part of this scene, but he already got an intensive impression of the DJ business, started to deal with the different styles of music and collected vinyls. He was fascinated by the skillful handling with the turntables and so the wish to become a DJ himself, got bigger and bigger. After saving money for three years, he finally bought his first two turntables and a mixer, on his 15th birthday. As soon as he received his equipment, he started to practice determinedly, so his first club performance would become reality pretty soon. Already one year later, his uncle gave him the chance to collect experiences as his Warm-Up-DJ. Flo did a good job and as a reward, Tom also took him to other clubs. Due to other contacts he made, he got offers to dj at this clubs regularly, as soon as he turned 18.
Then one thing leaded to another…Flo bought himself a better equipment and began to focus on a passion, which already fascinated him for many years: Hip Hop Music!
He permanently tried to improve his mix-technique and practiced various scratches. He intensively listened to the Mixtapes of his idols DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Spinbad and tried to also perform the heard scratches. Scratch-Sessions of 4 hours per day have been no rarity.
Finally the long lasting practice beared fruit…DJ Flo Flame got more and more bookings in different clubs and discotheques and so he could also enlarge his treasure trove of experience as a Club-DJ.
Nowadays he is spinnin’ the turntables for about 15 years and hopes to continue this passion for a long time.

CU on the DanceFloor!!

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