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Balkanizer LIVE!

Fr., 29. Feb. 2008 21:00 @ Café Leopold , Wien - Neubau

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SALON: Balkanizer LIVE! (A), D. Schaerf (beatbureauvienna)
CAFE: DJ Vektor (goalgetter.at)
probably the beginning of a less cool era in the contemporary
electronic scene. arisen from the true underground. this collective, a
transnational melting pot, produces a spectrum of various musical
forms. for some this is new balkan music, for others it is an
electronic folk parade, inspired by the south-east. maybe. but one
thing is sure. balkanizer combines tragic and wit, groove and melody,
which may lead to the absurd as in south-east europe. this is where the
original inspiration lies. tank-poetry and the melancholic touch of a
tragic world. the happiness about being alive. the celebration
of mourning. balkanizer wants to realize the impossible. hip hop, dub,
tszigane, 80s. machosexism, homo balkanicus, jewish wedding music in
ragga, tango love mortale..........you would think the songs were
written by different people, but they are all related a family. from
the joy of life and of making music, from the second floor right to the
future - which is probably less cool but more passionate. style?
balkanize it!

Balkanizer are: BJ NEVENKO (programming and keys), KURT BAUER (violins), RICHARD WINKLER (clarinet,alt&soprano sax,rita), IRINA KARAMARKOVIC (vocals), COACH KHALED (percussions), MIKI WEBER (bass)

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