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Amy goes Bananas live at Fania Live@Fania Live

Amy goes Bananas live at Fania Live

Do., 19. Apr. 2018 07:00 @ Fania Live , Wien


▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎ Dear Amy Winehouse Fans!◀︎◀︎◀︎◀︎

Are you ready for a new Amy Winehouse experience??

After a long time we're going to play a concert in VIENNA again!
With ▶︎NEW SONGS◀︎ and a ▶︎BANANA SHOW◀︎!!

Don't miss this opportunity to see us live @ Fania Live and bring your friends!

Let's party! Yours,
Amy goes Bananas

♥︎ We are:

Irina Radovic - lead vocals
Markus Osztovics, Karin Waldburger - saxophones
Reinhold Gansch - trumpet
Anna-Sophia Defant - piano
Patrick Rauch - guitar
Thomas "O'Malley" Jager - bass
Benjamin Bugl - percussion
Johannes Forstreiter - drums

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