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You Are Part of This Tour 2018 - Deez Nuts & Special Guests@P.P.C.

You Are Part of This Tour 2018 - Deez Nuts & Special Guests

Mo., 19. Mär. 2018 07:00 @ P.P.C. , Graz

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Deez Nuts
Trash Talk
Brutality Will Prevail

Since their inception in 2007 the Australian/American hardcore outfit DEEZ NUTS would release four ARIA - charting albums, the latest of which was 2015’s Top - 20 slammer, Word Is Bond , which also hit the German charts at #34. The fearsome four — frontman JJ Peters, guitarist Matt hew “Realbad” Rogers, drummer Alex Salinger, and bassist Sean Kennedy — spent the next year - plus on the road, traveling to and performing for audiences in Russia, Europe, North America, and Australia. They also happened to wr i te a new full - length. “We traveled the globe non - stop,” says J J Peters . “With some of our oldest friends. We made a lot of new ones along the way as well. We’ve all had successes and failures in personal life and business. Some of us have loved. Some of us have lost. Thankfully, we lived to tell the tale on Binge & Purgatory .”

JJ Peters is talking about DEEZ NUTS ’ newest full - length, actually. Written in and inspired by New York City - all of it! - Binge & Purgatory , retains but expands upon the band’s hardcore roots . To remain musically conservative wasn’t an optio n for JJ Peters and team . With four albums in the can, they knew exactly what they wanted to put into and get out of Binge & Purgatory . “ Word Is Bond was manic and intense and aggressive,” JJ Peters asserts. “It was exactly what we needed to make at the time. Binge & Purgatory is heavier and more melodic, but also more concise and deliberate. We need to be lifted to be inspired and surrounded by friends. We work best in a party environment. I think it translates to the songs. Binge & Purgatory is the most well - written body of work we have to date.”

Musically, Binge & Purgatory is 32 minutes of burly barre chords, wild tempos, wicked shout outs, and short - tempered fits of rage. Moored by opener “Purgatory”, mid - album bruiser “Carried by Six”, and pit - punisher “Do Not As I Do”, the album feels and acts like hardcore albums of old. But the take is modern.” As such, Binge & Purgatory has an unfuckwithable swagger. It’s easy to tell JJ Peters and team wrote the album surrounded by the urban hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Ultimately, Binge & Purgatory is bridge and tunnel hardcore for a new generation. “At one time, I would’ve said it’s like a party in your ears and everyone’s invited,” laughs JJ Peters. “With the last album I would’ve said it’s like a comedown in your ears and everyone’s invited. Binge & Purgatory , I’d say, is like a relatable but personal reflection of all of the above and only you’re invited. If you want to get a vibe for the ge neral sound, think: Refused meets Madball meets Pantera meets No Warning.”
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