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VRDreaming of an After Bout Party@Weberknecht

VRDreaming of an After Bout Party

Sa., 26. Nov. 2016 22:00 @ Weberknecht , Wien - Ottakring

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Season by season will pass and now there comes another one to an end. Vienna Roller Derby is finishing this amazing fall season 2016 with a Double Header (https://www.facebook.com/events/691167217725824/) where the Vienna A-Team will face the Switchblade Roller Grrrls and the Vienna Beasts will battle the Rolling Rat Pack. As you all know, the fun doesn’t end with the bout, because after the bout is before the Party! Weberknecht in the downstairs area.

With this After Bout Party we will send everyone off into hibernation filled with Derby Dreams. This time the post bout celebrations will be suitable even for those, who just want to get in their pyjamas after an exhausting Bout Day. The dress code, yes you guessed it, is pyjamas! Get into your craziest, cosiest, oldest, newest, stinkiest or whatever pyjamas and dance your feet off. As always: best Pyjama wins a prize!

The music that will keep you up and dancing all night will be coming from:
* chris crocodile
* Pandy

Free entry with VRD stamp from the bout! There will also be a guestlist if you can't make it to the bout before but want to party with us - let us know here or check with your VRD members!

Otherwise: 5€ Entry

Some info we’d like to share with you:

We want every one of our guests to have the best time possible and we want you to know that we’re looking out for you. Unfortunately weird and uncomfortable situations can’t always be avoided and it’s almost seen as normal that at parties there will be some awkward, pushy and uneasy people.

We don’t tolerate behaviour that makes people feel bad, uncomfortable or weird. Therefore there is an „Awareness Team“ at every one of our parties, that will do the best they can to help you in those kinds of situations. The members of the „Awareness Team“ are VRD members and you can recognise them by their stickers that say “AWARE”. So if you feel uncomfortable in any kind of situation, do not hesitate to talk to them. We’ll be there for you! Also there will be a couple of securities who you can talk to.

We want to make this as fun and comfortable as possible for everyone, so please remember, that we’re there for you! SPREAD THE DERBY LOVE!!

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