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The Crispies / Jay Cooper at Chelsea@Chelsea Musicplace

The Crispies / Jay Cooper at Chelsea

Fr., 11. Mär. 2016 20:00 @ Chelsea Musicplace , Wien - Josefstadt

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Early show!!!

08.00 p.m.: Get In
08.30 p.m.: Bands On Stage

Tix: 7€ Vvk 9€ Ak

Stoked to see you there!

Jay Cooper:
Jay Cooper is chic rock’n’roll personified and an artist at heart. His music may be classified as surf and is characterized by poetic lyrics, loud and dense, yet melodic sound, the overall experience always cocky, yet romantic.

The Crispies:
“Don’t let the bands’ pretty boy looks fool you their music comes from a real place“ - tuffgnarl.com
Danceable grunge and psychedelic rock with punk vibes and a hedonistic mindset.

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