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Sraightopposition/Radioshakedown(Italy) live@ rock.Bar@rock.Bar

Sraightopposition/Radioshakedown(Italy) live@ rock.Bar

Sa., 12. Nov. 2016 21:00 @ rock.Bar , Amstetten

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Pescara Hardcore .
Italian East Coast , since 2004 . Constantly touring squats and clubs in Europe and Italy , almost 400 shows in 11 years , 4 albums out for Indelirium Records ,1 self produced EP, a complete discography out for Blodcloth records , compilations and splits in the vein of the true hardcore spirit showed for first by bands like Slapshot , Sick Of It All , Biohazard , Minor Threat , 59 Times the pain but with the modern sounds of bands like the first releases of Terror , Hatebreed , Turmoil , Knuckledust and No Turning Back . Clear and focused lyrics about society , our enemies and our friends .


Punk Rock from Pescara! New EP: "Burn Again" out now! Hold On, Rise Up & Persist!



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