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Spotting: Baden-Baden / Haunted by the Remote@Postgarage

Spotting: Baden-Baden / Haunted by the Remote

Mi., 19. Okt. 2016 20:30 @ Postgarage , Graz

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industrial, post-punk, electro pop punk (Zagreb)

Wilder, dunkler Elektropop aus Kroatien. Die Band verspricht, dich mit ihrer Energie umzuwerfen. Check this out!

Band from Zagreb, Croatia, consisting of five handsome young fellas: Borna, Goran, Frank, Malić i Luka. If the band's name doesn't wake up your curiosity, then their music will. Dark, energetic, pop, punk, electro - you name it; they combine it all together. And it's combined really good. In May of 2013 they released an EP which spread quickly within the underground scene with it's hits like „Honigmund“ and „It's you“ and brought plenty of good reviews and concerts around the region.
Although everyone thought that those young fellas gave up their music careers, they are now back with their debut album „La Drogue“ which was released on 10th of April 2016. and now they're ready to knock you out with explosive and dynamic live perfomance.
Singles like „Of fear“ and „Drowning in Pussea“ again showed that this band knows how are things done.

Borna (guitar)
Malic (vocal)
Goran (bass)
Ljubo (synth)
Luka (drums)

Haunted by the Remote
Indie Rock

Ende 2013 konsultierte Stefan Silly seine Freunde von den Hidden by the Grapes, ob sie gemeinsam seine Visionen von atmosphärischer Indierockmusik vertonen möchten. Nach enthusiastischen Proberaumsessions entstand das 2016 erschienene Album ´Inner Workings´ - sechs Songs in 42 Minuten – das nach eigenem Eindruck etwas amerikanisch klingt, durchaus gelungen erscheint und vor allem mit großer Freude live vorgetragen wird.

Stefan Silly (g/v)
Bernhard Jammerbund (d)
Richard Kahlbacher (b)
Christian Steiner (g)

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