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Permanent Druck mit Greg Notill@Florido Beach

Permanent Druck mit Greg Notill

Sa., 06. Sep. 2008 20:00 @ Florido Beach , Wien - Floridsdorf

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Line up:

Greg Notill

Carnage / Liveform / Madhouse, France

Producer since about 14 years on different projects, GreG NoTiLL's turned into Hard, industrial and mayhem sounds after a tragic event in his life. He's now producing for the most famous hardtechno labels like Lifeform, Working vinyl, Carnage, Artillery, Crowbar, Definition of Mayhem and many more... Be prepared for more and more hard beats in the futur. As a dj, he's now plays all around the world (brazil, spain, slovenia, hungary, france, belgium, holland, germany, italy, bulgaria, czech republic, poland, Austria, Ukraine, UK, Slovakia...). He knows how to drive the crowd to madness and try to share his feelings with all the party people. His tracks, full of energy, are played by most of the biggest hardtechno heads... GreG loves it underground and nobody will change it !!! "We're not popstars"

Oliver Klingenberg

Abstract / Inflicted / Compressed

http://myspace.com/krischmannklingenberg, Germany

Adrian Valera

http://www.criminal-bookings.at , Austria

Flotek & Mario Kinle

http://primary-instinct.com / http://fighters-productions.com , Austria

Sutter Cane

XXX-Gazometer / http://www.driving-forces.net , Austria

Thomas Green & DJ Boernah

http://www.nightmare.at , Austria

Artin P.

http://fighters-productions.com, Austria

Tom Disstroya

Criminal / http://www.tomdisstroya.com , Austria
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