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New Candys (Fuzz Club)  & The Holy Spirit of Nothing (AT)@dasBACH

New Candys (Fuzz Club) & The Holy Spirit of Nothing (AT)

Di., 19. Mai. 2015 20:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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New Candys (Fuzz Club)

The New Candys from Venezia (Italy) describe their sound as 33,3% Rock + 33,3% Roll + 33,4% Psychedelia. Therefore they have been compared to bands such as 'The Kills' or 'Black Rebel Motorcycle Club' but with a more psychedelic touch. To celebrate the release of their second LP "New Candys as Medicine" via Fuzz Club Records this year they decided to tour Europe in May.

"New Candys’ chemical recipe verge more on a psychedelic drift, like their beautiful LP 'Stars Reach The Abyss' showed a couple of years ago. Hypnotic and sedated with 'Dark Love', faster and acid pop garage with 'Surf 2'. The quartet know how to write a song and keep the good vibe on, wisely dosing vintage and ideas."
Komakino, 2015

The Holy Spirit of Nothing

The Holy Spirit of Nothing is a six-piece-neo-psychedelic-rock-band consisting of three guitars, bass, synthesizer, drums, various instruments and two voices.

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