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Neurofunk vs. Drum & Bass w/ Disphonia@Club Spielplatz

Neurofunk vs. Drum & Bass w/ Disphonia

Fr., 10. Feb. 2017 22:00 @ Club Spielplatz , Linz

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Vor.laut & Twisted Technique pres.:

Neurofunk vs. Drum & Bass w/ Disphonia

➡ Disphonia
(Eatbrain, SOM Music, Dutty Audio)

➡ Twisted Technique
(Vor.laut, Massive Playgrounds)

➡ Flooze & Ajay
(Phase One, L.A.D)

➡ Sneeq

➡ Dizfunktion
(Kill tomorrow)

(Stereo Drum&Bass / Herz4)

Artist Info:
Disphonia is a Greek-based production/dj duo formed by Kostas Nomikos and George Roubinis. Back in 2006 they discovered that they both share the same genuine passion for Drum & Bass and have a mutual love for creating tech-influenced sounds, raw and gritty bass-lines and deep soundscapes. Their main aim since then has been to strive to produce an ever-excelling output of fresh material. Being a part of the Funxion Crew - a local event promoting and dj collective - they played a key role in presenting some of most established d&b acts to the Athens scene. During the past ten years Disphonia have performed with artists such as Optiv, Gridlok, BSE, Noisia and Calyx&Teebee, to name a few.

Facebook : http://facebook.com/disphonia
Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/disphonia
Artist Profile : http://methlab-agency.com/agency/artist/disphonia


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