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Nachtflug - Guten Abend x C-rock cocoon@SASS

Nachtflug - Guten Abend x C-rock cocoon

Fr., 05. Dez. 2014 23:00 @ SASS , Wien - Innere Stadt

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mit Guten Abend!


Endlich normale Leute!


cocoon rec I lofi stereo I frankfurt [GER]

feiert seinen geburtstag

guten morgen! I guten abend!

guten morgen! I guten abend!


Gutes Gewinnspiel:
Facebookevent zusagen und bis Freitag 05.12.14 um 18:00 Uhr
2 x 2 Gästelistentickets gewinnen!

Alles erlaubt!
Konfetti, Glitzer, Luftschlangen, Seifenblasen & Verrückte

Nachtflug Richtung Guten Morgen danach:




C-Rock is Frankfurt native Christian Rindermann, a seasoned DJ and house music producer. C-Rock's musical preferences and influences are many, underlying an exposure to a wide variety of sounds in his early years. His DJ sets and productions owe a debt to the early work of Curtis Mantronik and Kraftwerk, mixed with a bit of classic Chicago house and the strong influence of the European electronic body music movement. Deep house in all its forms is a thread tying together C-Rock's output with definite hints of jazz and dub reggae in the mix. However, C-Rock maintains that his music should be called "house music," plain and simple. The elements and inspiration of other genres and sub-genres are present, but it's all nestled under the house music umbrella.

C-Rock started hitting his stride in 1994 with his debut 12", released on Playhouse, accompanied by the formation of his own long-running imprint stir15. It was also during this period that C-Rock was able to hone his DJ'ing talent by throwing legendary events and sharing the DJ booth with legends like Chez Damier, John Acquaviva, and Carl Craig. High profile residencies in clubs like Club Monza and Frankfurt's Box followed.

In 1998 C-Rock released his debut album Track & Feel on his own stir15 label. Hailed as a milestone in the evolution of 'new school' German house music the album received the #8 position in the Spex Best of 1998 charts. This was followed with a growing international demand for C-Rock as a DJ as well as collaborations with the likes of Swayzak, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Vaeth, and Chris Duckenfield (Swag). C-Rock had firmly established himself in the fraternity of global DJ/producers.

Now we fast forward to 2003 as C-Rock embarks on his latest, important project with fellow Frankfurt DJ Matthias Vogt. Titled Motorcitysoul, this collaborative project entered the new century with a loud bang (and more than a few kick drum booms). Albums and singles for INFRACom!, Simple UK and stir15 were universally acclaimed as well as more recent singles for renowned labels such as Freerange and Ibadan. Motorcitysoul also found time to collaborate with Chez Damier on a stir15 single under the moniker of Kids In The Streets.

As the next decade begins C-Rock continues to stake his claim as one of the more important German house music innovators. His own productions as well as collaborations with Motorcitysoul and other kindred producers (such as Brett Johnson on the stir15 highlight "Bassmatic") continue to fill dance floors worldwide. As one of the few resident DJs of the famous megaclub Cocoonclub in Frankfurt, C-Rock shaped the musical appearance of Sven Vaeths club-spaceship for more than seven years until the club had to close at the end of 2012. However C-Rock's DJ sets remain in demand, highlighted by his own events in the greater Frankfurt area in hot spots like "Lido" or "Rockmarket" with guests like Adam Port or Hans Nieswandt. And more productions & cooperations are in the pipeline: Together with ex-Cocoon-member Patrick Kunkel he released "Waiting For Nina" on Leena/mobilee and the sought after classic "Funky Dope Trakk" just got re-released with stunning remixes and edits by Boris Werner from Amsterdam and Sascha Dive. As one who has reliably helped set the trends for modern dance music C-Rock continues to be watched for signals of house music's future.


Abflug Wirksam, mit harmonischer Schallgeschwindigkeit!


Jeden Freitag im SASS


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