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MoMA - Dj VOUT + Solo Jazz Taster mit Hanna@Fania Live

MoMA - Dj VOUT + Solo Jazz Taster mit Hanna

Mo., 18. Sep. 2017 07:00 @ Fania Live , Wien


Von 20:00 - 20:45 gibt es eine Schnupperstunde: “Slow and Bluesy Solo Jazz mit Hanna!” danach Mr VOUT!

Wer sich für den Kurs interessiert oder sich bereits anmelden möchte:
4. Oktober – 25. Oktober 2017

Description: If you feel curious about venturing out into the world of Blues Dance THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! Or you enjoy Solo Dancing and want more ideas and input THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU TOO! We will work on routines and learn a variety of Solo Blues moves which you can use on the dance floor, combine with partner dancing or just to dance your soles off.
Mittwochs: 20:45-22:00
Ort: Studio Beat1060, Millergasse 42-44, 1060 Wien
Trainer: Hanna Löwenherz
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General Info zum MoMA:
MONDAY MESS AROUND is a weekly social dance with the finest swing music - presented by IG HOP.
every monday at FANIA LIVE - a cosy bar at the gürtelbögen near U6 thaliastraße.
have a drink, dance with us and enjoy our specials: game nights, live bands, jazz themes, contests and other fun stuff.
Come out and play with IG Hop!

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