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Fuzzfest Vienna Warm-Up: Asteroid // Limestone Whale@Viper Room

Fuzzfest Vienna Warm-Up: Asteroid // Limestone Whale

Do., 29. Sep. 2016 19:30 @ Viper Room , Wien - Landstrasse

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Before we unleash the Fuzz in October we are proud to present you the following line up:

Be prepared for a wild dance with..

For the past ten years, Asteroid have been one of the trend setting bands in the independent psychedelic heavy rock community. With their origin in hard hitting stoner rock, they've constantly been adding more musical layers to evolve their own unique brand of rock. With inspiration taken from American and British Blues and Swedish folk music, the three piece always bring something new and fresh to the table.

"Asteroid got the murky darkness of the more menacing Zeppelin songs, the spaciness of Floyd's cosmic tracks, and the bluesiness of Howlin' Wolf - not to mention the incredible harmonies that tie everything together and keep you coming back for more."

Limestone Whale
Formed in the shadows of the Bavarian forest Limestone Whale have developed their very own approach to heavy psych blues – far beyond prevailing stereotypes.
The quartet combines the natural roughness of proto metal and psychedelic rock with straight 70ies inspired blues and hard rock. With their mixture of heavy riffs and refreshing melodies the young but yet experienced musicians create a vivid and stirring presence on stage.
Limestone Whale are definitely among the few bands who are able to revive the spirit of the golden age of rock music without trying to sound „retro“.

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