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FAT live at Smaragd Linz@Smaragd

FAT live at Smaragd Linz

Di., 02. Mai. 2017 20:30 @ Smaragd , Linz

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FAT – Fabulous Austrian Trio = Alex Machacek + Herbert Pirker + Raphael Preuschl
LIVE at CulturCafé Smaragd

"Alex Machacek's music starts where other music ends" that’s what John McLaughlin said about Machacek’s US debut album „[sic]“, where besides Terry Bozzio you can hear FAT for the first time as well, eventhough it wasn’t that clear to FAT yet.
FAT, short for Fabulous Austrian Trio, came together in 2004 just before bandleader, Alex Machacek - Europe’s „Guitar Newcomer 98“ - relocated from Vienna, Austria to Los Angeles.

Over the years, Alex continued to keep this trio alive whenever he travelled to Europe. In 2010 they recorded their first self-titled album as a band, "FAT".
In 2015 FAT released its 2nd album "Living The Dream" and snatched the 2nd place at the BMW World Jazz Awards. When drummer Herbert Pirker and bassist Raphael Preuschl travelled to LA 2016, the trio didn’t only rehearse, record and improve its table tennis skills, they even played a concert at the legendary Baked Potato. Last summer they were invited to play at the OutreachFestival, the Jazz Festival Leibnitz and the „Bayrischer Rundfunk“ among others.

The new album is already in the making and in February they were killin’ it on „Cruise to the Edge“. Needless to say, FAT is not a one-off project, but rather a band who is in it for the very long run!

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