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Electric Octopus & Mothers of the Land@dasBACH

Electric Octopus & Mothers of the Land

Fr., 13. Apr. 2018 07:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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StoneFree Booking presents:

Electric Octopus:
Hailing from Belfast,Northern Ireland Electric Octopus are a new and exciting musical cabal that'll take your mind on a weird and wonderful adventure.

Coming together in Northern Ireland early 2016, beginning with some initial low-fi recording sessions – Dale, Guy and Tyrell have risen comfortably into a solid projection of deliciously groovy music, that seems as much an extension of themselves as their thrillingly received performances provide evidence for.

Dripping with breezy hazed reverb and fuzzed out historic blues references, while interlacing both jazz and psychedelia, Electric Octopus have managed to not only find the key, but have opened some doors that have gone unnoticed for far too long. The trio lay down a bit of hipness layered with psychedelic rock, cool jazz, and extended jams that go down easy, not so much demanding your attention, though making it nearly impossible for you to dismiss.



Mothers of the Land:
Mothers of the Land is a rock group founded in Vienna 2012, by Georg Pluschkowitz (Pastor) on guitar, Johannes 'Jon' Zeininger on bass and Jakob Haug on the drums.After having tried different formations, they found their ideal constellation in 2015 with Jack Jindra (Locracy) on the additional guitar.

"The riff-smiths Mothers of the Land, have gained a reputation in the Austrian scene as an instrumental quartet that invites you to drift away and let loose with their sprawling psychedelic rock epics. "

Their debut album "Temple without Walls" thunders with a heavy twin guitar assault mounted on a Proto-Metal body, and was recorded live in the studio without overdubs.
With their 2016 release, the band connected with the international Heavy, Stoner, and Rock scene, and has played throughout Austria and its surrounding countries with notable acts in the scene, as well as at festivals such as the Lake on Fire.

The band has many irons in the fire, and is ready to wander the lands. Released in June 2016, their live recorded DIY Debut-Album "Temple without Walls" gained a great international reception from listeners, artists and bloggers, resulting in fruitful collaborations around the globe.


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