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Donnerstag x Temporäre Schließung x Oliver Schories@SASS

Donnerstag x Temporäre Schließung x Oliver Schories

Do., 29. Jun. 2017 23:00 @ SASS , Wien - Innere Stadt

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Donnerstag Nacht
Temporäre Sommer Schließung


Oliver Schories
// SOSO, Suara, Stil vor Talent, Kittball, Parquet Recordings, Einmusika

Nick Jacobs


“In times where electronic music often tends to sound static and soulless, Oliver Schories is one of the few producers able to translate emotional intensity into pads and patterns. Stunning from beginning till end.”

Donnerstag Nacht
Ab September wieder im SASS Music Club

// 5€ für Studenten
// 10€ Regulär

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