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Dj Bongo boogaloo tropical beats@Fania Live

Dj Bongo boogaloo tropical beats

Fr., 10. Jun. 2016 22:00 @ Fania Live , Wien


FRI 10 JUN 22:00 hrs

DJ Bongo from Cali/Colombia represents the fusion between the traditional sounds of Latin American folk music and the diverse currents of electronic music. He spins at clubs in London, Paris and Barcelona and Djs at concerts of bands such as Orishas, Ojos de Brujo, Raul Paz and others. For the past ten years DJ Bongo has been part of the DJ-community called “La Regla”. This DJ-team from Latin America has shaped the Berlin dance scene substantially and their monthly party night is cult.

The style of DJ Bongo is like a journey through time and space. He mixes the Boogaloo of the sixties with the hard Salsa of New York in the seventies, the modern rhythms of Afrobeat and contemporary Latin Hip Hop with the electronic music of the Caribbean and South America. His performance is an invitation: feet should dance,
ears should be surprised and the head should wonder. Without falling victim to the clichés of globalisation, DJ Bongo describes his style as “Electrolatin freestyle” or in other words: “ a corner where everything is possible”.

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