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Chris de Luca vs Phon.o@Café Leopold

Chris de Luca vs Phon.o

Sa., 15. Sep. 2007 22:00 @ Café Leopold , Wien - Neubau

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Chris de Luca vs Phon.o *live*

As Funkstörung, Chris de Luca and partner Michael Fakesch released an uncountable amount of records on !K7, Compost Records, Acid Planet, Musik aus Strom and many more. Especially their remixes for Björk, Wu-Tang Clan, Speedy J and Plaid attracted worldwide attention.

In 2002, de Luca intensely lived out his love for hip hop with friend Peabird on his first solo album “Deadly Wiz Da Disko”. The result: body rock for robots! This unique mix of old school hip hop and cut-up beats can confidently be called groundbreaking for the genre. Right on time for Funkstörung’s 10th anniversary in 2005 the album “Return To The Acid Planet” was released. It shall be their last. In 2005, de Luca moved to Berlin and in the spring of 2006, Funkstörung split up. At the end of the last millennium, East German buddies Carsten and Sascha went out into the big wide world – to Berlin. Sascha became Apparat, Carsten turned into Phon.o. Since then, Phon.o released a number of 12 inches, EPs and tw

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