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Café Sturz / Nastia  @Grelle Forelle

Café Sturz / Nastia

Mi., 08. Mai. 2013 23:00 @ Grelle Forelle , Wien

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Let’s Sturz

Nastia started DJing in 2005 and in summer 2006 ended up playing at the legendary KaZantip music festival which made her name famous. Nastia quickly won the hearts of Kazantip people having become the most popular Dj of Z-republic. Being the manager of Kiss Fm stage she did all the bookings and events. She’s had a regular radio-show PROPAGANDA on popular ukrainian radio station Kiss Fm Ukraine for more than five years. Here she plays impeccably mixed live sets playing tracks from fresh and noteworthy releases. Besides she bravely experiments with electronica, ambient and drum'n'bass styles on air. Nastia has been able to combine production process with dj-gigs. One place she always comes back to is Arma17 – Russia’s coolest club – where she is a resident DJ. “Arma17 is a VERY special place,” she grins. “For me, it is the only place which I can call my ‘second home’.” She sings the praises of the Arma17 crew, their nightlife vision, their after-parties, and their often experimental or risky music programming.

> Start: 23:00 / 10 Eur

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