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New York, NY (June 14, 2017) – Battleme is thrilled to announce the release of his upcoming record, Cult Psychotica, due out October 6th via El Camino Media. “Cult Psychotica is a voice,” says Matt Drenik who wrote and recorded the album during the first few months of the 2016 election. The band recorded the ten tracks during a weeklong, and mostly live session at Drenik’s own Get Loud Studio in Portland. The final product is indeed a masterful reaction to the times, “a timely reflection on our own busted reality,” says Drenik. Along with the album announcement, Battleme is also excited to announce a UK/EU headlining tour this fall to coincide with the release of Cult Psychotica.

Drenik’s approach on the album sees him questioning the American psyche in uncertain times, but without overtly political song-writing. Instead, he uses a conceptual landscape – songs built around heroes and losers, misguided truths and theories – to paint a dystopian world. Opening track “No Truth” sets the tone out of the gate, proclaiming “there aint’ no truth for you,” while “Bitch Blues” documents a country in riot. Cult Psychotica’s story culminates with the final track “Lowlife,” weaving gentle and ruckus dynamics that encapsulate the sometimes-morbid dream world that Drenik’s mind has created as a direct result of the current political climate.

Over the course of Battleme’s seven-year plus career, Drenik has gained attention for his brand of blues-tinged psych-rock, with Esquire proclaiming, “if the Flaming Lips had written an original song for their Dark Side of the Moon live shows, this is what it might’ve sounded like,” and Rolling Stone raving about the bands ability to create crescendos with a “Smashing Pumpkins style crunch,” while Billboard complemented the band’s “killer Queens of the Stone Age-style groove” on 2016’s release Habitual Love Songs. Earlier this year, Drenik returned to his solo-acoustic roots with the release of Live at Cactus Café, a collection of tracks taken from a hometown performance in Austin, TX back in 2014.
Battleme will release his new studio full-length Cult Psychotica in October 6th via El Camino Media and begins his UK/EU full-band tour on September 26th in Copenhagen, with US dates to be announced. For up-t0-date information on the new record and tour dates, be sure to visit http://battleme.tv/.

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