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Ares Kingdom, Pentacle & Supports@Viper Room

Ares Kingdom, Pentacle & Supports

Mo., 07. Nov. 2016 19:00 @ Viper Room , Wien - Landstrasse

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ARES KINGDOM (us) - Nuclear War Now! Records
ARES KINGDOM came together in late 1996 as a project between former ORDER FROM CHAOS members Chuck Keller and Mike Miller. The first demo was recorded and released in early 1997. After issuing the demo Chuck and Mike rehearsed new material and began looking for other permanent members. Kansas City has never been tolerant of extreme metal, so it was a difficult task to say the least...

Charter members of OFC's legendary Bastard Squad - Doug Overbay and former NEPENTHE bassist/vocalist Alex Blume joined in 2001 as bassist and vocalist.

Alex Blume - Vocals & Bass
Chuck Keller - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Mike Miller - Drums
Doug Overbay - Rhythm Guitars

PENTACLE (nl) - Iron Pegasus Records
Chained within the mythical realms of primeaval black/death metal, so graciously unveiled in the early 80's by hallowed cults such as Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Messiah, Destruction, Necrovore, Bathory, Treblinka, Slaughter (CAN) and Necrophagia, Pentacle's sepul­chral tribute, to this unforgotten legacy, started back in winter '89/'90 when Mike (guitar), Wannes (bass/vocals) and Marc (drums) joined forces…

After so many years of active service, the musical concept of the band is still firmly rooted in the golden ‘80’s, though remains far from being a mere copycat of the forefathers of extreme Metal. Don’t make the mistake to file Pentacle under the current retro-trend. They started performing their music when only a selected ( and loyal) audience still was interested in this honest style of music. Others sailed the seas of successive trends. Pentacle didn’t. Together with an obscure, yet individual lyrical approach, the band always worked hard to create a personal style, based on ancient Metal values. Remember this when listening to Pentacle’s releases…

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