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9th International Commercial Powertrain Conference 2017@Grazer Congress

9th International Commercial Powertrain Conference 2017

Mi., 10. Mai. 2017 09:00 @ Grazer Congress , Graz

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The conference is globally unique, focusing jointly on truck and bus, agricultural tractors and construction machinery. It is an important information platform and an attractive forum for the exchange on topics relating to strategies and technologies.

Speakers are presenting on invitation only, top experts of the three industries will share and discuss their views with the audience.

The 2017 ICPC conference is entirely dedicated to CO2 reduction and innovations improving operating efficiency. Keynotes representing the three commercial powertrain industries give an overview of world-wide trends in industry and technology, highlighting the resulting company strategy and management focus.

For further information and registration, please visit www.avl.com/-/9th-international-commercial-powertrain-conference-2017

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