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2 Years Ventil Records /// Asfast

2 Years Ventil Records /// Asfast "Peace In Drifts" Releaseparty

Do., 11. Mai. 2017 20:00 @ Fluc / Fluc Wanne , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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2 Years Of Ventil Records ||| Asfast - Peace In Drifts Releaseshow

Asfast (live)
[„Peace In Drifts“ Releaseshow]

Shrack! (live)

Clinic (~)

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ab 20 Uhr


Asfast (live)

Asfast aka Leon Leder is a master of restrained and concise expression. With his Haiku-esque cuts he is able to delimit a spectrum of emotion, conveying longing, fear and hope whilst staying gripped to a glacial surface. Within this soundscape he integrates various elements of contemporary club-genres - Trap, Grime, Broken Beat - and deconstructs them into crystalized constructions. His mystic harmonies form into Mantra-Loops, which, despite their catchiness, remain strangely elusive. Asif it was an extremely purged emotional detox, that translates from Tresillo-Dances to Trance inducing experiences to deliver a harsh wake-up call to our digital generation. Bitter-sweet broken beat poetics shifting between mournful farewells and fearless blashphemy.


Shrack! (live)

shrack! is a demon moving towards the limit of your idol. sitting in dark and hot places waiting to eat pieces of sound falling from the grid of local deities.

Oscillating a hysteric drum computer with a mulla abdullah-dj-set and a hypnotic cockoo clock - the setup is a blend of extended elektro-guitar, stereo-drums and an electro-fence-dulcimer, that served the fifty pre-shrack years in a traditional weddingband. The shrack is a thing nobody wants to meet alone.



Clinic curates and produces contemporary experimental electronic music, club formats and their display. As a network for local and international productions, positioned between music, art and performance, Clinic crashes genre-structures and hierarchies like:
Is this art or music,
warm up or prime time,
headliner or support,


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